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How To Repair And Check A Car Alternator?

It is essential to keep a regular eye on your car alternator to ensure that they are in proper working condition. Doing so is going to save you from numerous kinds of troubles in the future. But it is rather hard and too expensive to take your car to the garage every time you wish to check your BMW alternators. Hence, it is strongly recommended to know the basics of checking and repairing car alternators.

Try with a Voltmeter- While buying a car, it is indeed a good decision to purchase a voltmeter with it. It is readily available at any auto parts shop. After buying it, you need to begin with the checking process by following the below-given steps:

  • Check the battery percentage of your car. Ensure that your car’s battery is charged enough to start the vehicle. Mind you, if your battery is very low, then the vehicle will not start, and the voltmeter won’t be able to take the reading.
  • After checking the battery, the next step is to put on all the car accessories that apply a force on the alternator and begin running the engine at about 2,000 RMPS. If the voltmeter’s reading is higher, then trust that the BMW alternators are charging efficiently.

Paying attention to the sound of the engine-

This is a second method to check your alternator without much effort. You just have to put on the car’s engine and pay attention to the sounds coming out of it. See if there is any unusual noise signifying some disturbance. If the noises are bearable and smooth, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if there is some annoying or grinding noise, this is for sure indicating a poor condition of your alternator. In the second case, you really can’t do anything but take your car to a good garage. In such cases, the only option preferred by experts is to replace it with a new and unused one.

See if there is an issue in the engine’s drive belt-

This is a very common cause behind poorly working alternators. If your alternator has a loose drive belt attached to it, then it will not let the equipment get charged properly. Failing in functioning. Hence, it is essential to check the grip of your engine’s drive belt and make sure that it is tightly bonded. You can check the tightness simply but pressing it right between any of the two pulleys. If there is some unusual movement while you are pressing, then that means that your drive belt is loose. Remember, with a loose belt, and you won’t be able to identify the correct condition of your alternator.


An alternator is a very vital part of a car engine. Your car would have to suffer a lot in its absence, and it will eventually break down. Even if you are satisfied with your BMW alternator’s condition after performing the tests yourself, it is still highly recommended to get it serviced and properly checked every third month.

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