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CarGuard Administration: The Right Protection For Your Needs

Many drivers and car owners know the anxiety that comes when your car is about to break down in the middle of a busy highway. Whether it’s an unexpected malfunction or your car needs new parts or components, numerous problems that cost a lot of money can arise when you own a car.

This is even more true if you don’t have a vehicle protection plan covering unexpected auto expenses. Regardless, breakdowns are bound to happen in the lifetime of your vehicle, and preparation is the best thing you can do as a car owner.

This is where vehicle protection plans come in. Vehicle protection plans or vehicle service contracts are add-on coverage that you can buy for extra protection for your vehicles. In many states, these protection plans are also required for insurance coverage.

While vehicles come with basic coverage upon purchase, car owners can purchase an extra layer of protection, especially if basic coverage is insufficient or if they want protection once the manufacturer warranty expires.

Vehicle protection plans can also be customized to cover the unique situations that your car may encounter depending on how or where you use it. For example, high mileage cars can benefit from added protection, especially if the current warranty only offers basic coverage.

How Does A Vehicle Protection Plan Help You?

Vehicle protection plans protect car owners primarily from the hefty costs of car breakdowns. Without car protection, you risk paying out of pocket for repairs when your car won’t start.

Repairs for your car could set you back hundreds to thousands of dollars, which could be financially challenging if you don’t have car coverage.

With a protection plan, especially one tailored to cover every type of mechanical breakdown on the road, you feel secure knowing that you can afford the repairs needed to get your vehicle in good working order.

Vehicle Protection Plans: Do You Need One?

You may be asking why you need a car protection plan if your car already comes with manufacturer coverage. One of the reasons why third-party protection is beneficial is because most manufacturer warranties are only good for the first few years after purchase.

Your car is left unprotected once warranties expire. Also, manufacturer warranties only provide limited coverage, unlike protection plans that can be tailored to cover everything from minor replacements to major car repairs.

Third-party, independent car protection such as those offered by CarGuard Administration also offers more flexibility in how you can customize your vehicle protection. These come at lower costs due to more deductible options and lower mark-ups than dealership warranties.

You also get better repair shop flexibility, especially with a corporate provider with networks that include local dealerships, small independent mom-and-pop repair shops, and national car chains.

Want protection for an older car? You are looking at higher premiums if you want to insure an older model.

With a vehicle protection plan, you can purchase a plan for your car with thousands of miles on it to cover the most common problems you can expect with its age and model. This makes it easier to afford repair and maintenance costs down the road if and when your car breaks down.

Coverage Offered by Vehicle Protection Plans

Vehicle protection plans can vary from one provider to another and depending on what you need. Still, primary offerings include coverage for all vehicle components (bumper-to-bumper warranties) and essential car systems such as engine, transmission, and drive axles (Powertrain warranties).

CarGuard Administration Plans for Reliable Vehicle Protection

A picture of a parked car outside a house

Regarding security, it is always prudent to stick to trusted industry leaders. CarGuard Administration is one of the leading vehicle protection providers in the country, with years in the industry providing reliable and professional coverage for cars of different ages, makes, and models.

Known for quick response times and customer-centered service, CarGuard Administration offers dependable and flexible plans with essential services like towing, roadside assistance, and even a car rental program.

Platinum Protection Plan

One of the most comprehensive plans covers the engine, transmission, turbo, drive axle, electrical components, air conditioner, suspension, cooling systems, seals, and gaskets. It comes with the liability limit of cash value or $12,500, whichever costs higher.

Gold Protection Plan

Gold covers everything under the Platinum Plan except for a few specific exclusions and the same liability limits as the Platinum Plan.

Powertrain Plan

This plan offers basic coverage and the same liability limit of cash value or $12,500.

Flat Rate Plan

Are you going on a long-distance drive? The Flat Rate plan offers one-time coverage for trips like these and the same liability limits as their premium plans.

Aside from customizable protection plans to suit your needs and budget, plans are also transferable when you upgrade to a new car. Clients also get numerous repair shop and vendor options, unlike manufacturer warranties that are only honored in selected locations and shops.

Vehicle Protection Plans: Is It Worth The Cost?

Nothing is more precious than peace of mind, especially if you use your car daily for family, school, work, or all three.

You can tailor your plan to cover areas not covered by your other warranties. This way, you only pay the minimum for complete car protection.

You can also get a protection plan when it’s the right time. Add a protection plan whenever you decide it’s the right time to get complete protection for your vehicle.

Having that extra layer of security on your vehicle can help you survive unexpected car repairs that could be financially devastating if you don’t have coverage.

Having vehicle protection also helps ensure that the rest of your life doesn’t tumble when your car breaks down unexpectedly.

Enjoy the stress-free driving experience you deserve. Get in touch with the CarGuard Administration today for dependable and comprehensive protection for your car.

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