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List of modifications that you can do to your bike


Usually modifying your motorbike is one of the best ways to set yourself unique from the crowd of other bikers. The modification process can increase both the beauty and performance of your bike. In the biking realm, you get to set the pace with the right modifications. The visual appearance of the bike may end up veering away from the standard look and someone at sometimes may think that is a different model bike. Bikes under 200 cc can also be modified as per your wish to make it look stunning but choosing the perfect modification is a daunting task. Here are some important modifications that you can do for your bikes.

Bash plates

It is a component which exists directly below the engine of your bike behind the front wheel of your motorbike. The presence of this plate is to protect the parts behind it from sudden crashes. Modifying your bash plate reduces the damage in case you hit an impasse and also improves the outer appearance of your bike. It is always a great choice to customize your bike with high-quality bash plates. Since it is easy to weld, you should go for a 5083 4mm aluminium steel bash plate in terms of size. It also has much impact on higher resistance and you can prefer the colour of your bash plate.

Customized seats

Most of the people tend to neglect customizing their seats of the bike among the top motorcycle modifications. A significant number of people modify their bike seat to improve their sitting position and to enhance their experience of biking. But others do seat customization to make their bike look excellent. To make your motorbike ultra-comfortable, you can also get a better saddle with padding of increased foam. A perfect seat is one with high-density foam that has good quality coupled with a layer of foam which is soft in texture. To have a better experience you can prefer vinyl seat material. Maestro activa has this type of seat which will not absorb water and dampen your seat.

Tires for your style

Most of the bike manufacturers tend to provide standard tires as they will wear out soon. This could help you if you considered updating your tires to a model and designing as per your style or wish. Choose to have higher traction tires which are the original custom tires. Before installing the modified tire check out the tread and manufacturing year, because this can define a lot about the tires you picked.

Pipe guard

When they are in pristine conditions, motorcycles tend to work optimally. So there is no need for you to ride around with a scratched, dirty and dinged exhaust pipe. Especially, the pipe guard is prevalent among the stunt riders as it protects the pipe from various issues. To ensure that your exhaust pipe doesn’t suffer from any bands and dirt, get a two-stroke pipe guard which can protect for a long way.

The above-mentioned details are modifications that you can do for your bikes, make use of it and stay with unique nature.

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