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What to Look for When Hiring a Car

If you are in need of a car for a few days, there are many car rental companies, yet some are far from transparent regarding the costs, and what seems like a good deal ends up being very costly. In order to avoid such a situation, here are some aspects of a car rental business to look for when on the hunt for cheap car rental.

  1. Mileage Limitations – Some car rental companies will offer you a seemingly good rental deal, but they make their money on excess mileage charges. When you rent a car in Melksham, for example, the rental company will allow you to drive 1,000 miles within a 7-day period, which is usually more than enough.
  2. The Number of Hours in a Rental Day – This is another way to increase the cost of hiring a vehicle, as some operators class a day’s rental by office hours. Look for a provider that classes one day as 24 hours, that way, when you return a can in the late evening, you won’t be charged for a further day.
  1. Insurance Inclusive – Any reputable car rental company will include comprehensive insurance in their prices, and this is something you should clarify before agreeing to anything.
  1. Relatively New Vehicles – It should be the policy of the rental company to provide vehicles that are not older than 3 years. Any company that offers you an old vehicle isn’t really giving you value for money and you should look elsewhere.

If the car rental company follows the above guidelines, you can go ahead with the rental with some confidence that you are getting a good deal.

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